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January 7th 2013

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"Watch A Master Day Trader
Consistently Call Winning Trades
Using Proven Strategies And Show
You, Exactly, Step-by-Step How
Every Trade Is Easily Found!"

"And The Good News is it Has Nothing To Do With Wasting Your Time Buying A New System, Making Sense of Confusing Indicators, or Even Reading Another Book"

1 "Crawl 'inside the mind' of a top day trader who has tens of thousands of hours behind the charts call highly potential profitable trades and learn powerful techniques and tips that can easily balloon your emini day trading profits and returns to unheard levels!"
2 "Follow along as I call profitable trades before your very eyes — with live charts on your screen, explaining every simple indicator with full details — and see exactly how a top master day trader thinks, analyzes and finds winning trades!
3 "Gain a winning edge as you become privy to breakthroughs and tested winning strategies — it's like being right by my side, looking over my shoulder, as I analyze charts using advanced Fibonacci Impulse Wave strategies showing when to trade and when NOT to trade. 

Chief Trader Steve   

"Before I Go Further, I want to share with you,
The Shocking TRUTH Behind Most Emini Day Trading Systems."

BEWARE! There is NO such thing as "get-rich-quick." If you're looking for a way to make money very fast, with little to no risk, go somewhere else, because you're in the wrong place.  The futures market is a volatile place, and results vary tremendously from person to person.

Make No Mistake About It... There ARE risks!

Your results will most definitely vary from mine and those of my other customers.  You may do better, or worse, and you run the risk of even LOSING money. Your success depends a lot on YOU, your level of commitment and your ability to control your fear and greed emotions.

Why? Emini day trading isn't for the weak of heart.  It's surely going to be a bumpy ride, and chances are, you'll lose money.  Even with a system as good as mine!  My system is just a tiny part of the equation — YOU are what will make it a success!

Look, I'm being honest here.

You can search the web and find dozens of  "get-rich-quick" schemes.  If that's what you're looking for, send your money to them!  My EminiLive Alerts aren't a get-rich-quick scheme - I don't promise that, even though it can happen.

Emini Day Trading is far from easy.

In fact, let me make a statement that drives my competitors absolutely nuts:  If you're promised "easy riches," "easy trading" or "easy anything else", run, don't walk, RUN as fast as you can AWAY from those emini day trading systems.  There is NO "easy" in trading.

But if you're looking for something that has worked in the past — and could work for you in the future, try my EminiLive Alerts.  For the price, it's an absolute STEAL... And a great place to discover first-hand how I successfully trade the e-mini future markets. Let me show you!

Read on...

         From The Desk of Chief Trader Steve
Written Monday, August 13th, 9:44 pm

         Dear Friend,

         There's absolutely ZERO Guesswork!

         My unique emini day trading signals produce winning e-mini trades with impeccable accuracy using techniques and tools that 99% of traders DON'T use or even know about.

         Now, you can take advantage of these little-known strategies that I use to create such impressive results...

"Best Emini Day Trading Room I Have Ever Seen"

"I will say that you guys have the best trading room, by a long shot, of any I have every seen!  You guys are great!  Best E-mini day trading room on the net - very professional and I love the fact that you use indicators not commonly used by others."

(Listen to Mike)

Mike Ferguson
Veteran Trader
Chicago, Illinois

         You get plenty of advanced notice of my trades.  I typically announce my entry levels and stops several minutes before price levels arrive.   

         Let me give you an example of my trading.  First off, understand that I am a scalper.  I buy weakness and sell strength.  Most of the time, I am bucking the trend and I typically do the opposite of break-out traders.

See My Alert Record Here

See 3rd-Party Research Report

See My E-Mini Day Trading Rules

          Let's say the the S&P is trading at 1570.25.  I may give an alert to buy at 1567.75 limit order.  When price gets near, I typically announce the buy again and after I'm filled, I place my stop at 1.50 pts and targets at 1.00 to 1.5pts.

          Not only are we the most accurate, but it's also the most informative alert service on the web, which means you'll be getting an inexpensive education along the way.  There's not another service of this kind that even comes close to this level of money management that the EminiLive Alerts room offers.  You hear it, all live, spoken by a professional day trader.  And, as we all know, money management is the key to emini day trading success! 

"Steve's the BEST I've ever Seen"

Jim Jenkins

(Click to hear Jim)

Here's a comment from Jim Jenkins an experienced trader of 5+ years.

"Steve was highly recommended...he changed my life around.  I've learned more in the past five days then the previous 5 years.

Here's a quick summary of the EminiLive Alerts room...

  arrow What Is It?  
    EminiLive is an online room where a select group of traders gather to see and hear a professional trader relay e-mini day trading alerts in real-time throughout the trading day.  
  arrow When Is It?  
    The room opens at 9:20am and closes at 4:15pm EST every trading day.  I call potential trade levels throughout the day.   Although I don't recommend leaving resting limit orders, I will typically make verbal announcements when trade levels approach.  
  arrow Where Is It?  
    The emini day trading signals are broadcast on the omNovia® platform.  Additional instructions will be provided to you once you become a subscriber.  
  arrow How Much Does It Cost?   
    Try EminiLive for a 2-day trial at only $19.95.  After the introductory trial, when you're completely convinced that the service I offer is everything we say it is - your monthly subscription rate is $297.  Cancel anytime.  
    In fact, if you want to see how easy it is to talk to me, pick up the phone and call me at 702-645-0111.  Now, I won't be your buddy and chat with you for hours on end, because I'm extremely busy, and you probably are too, but you can count on me to be here when you need me.  
  arrow How Can I Get It?   
    I'm only accepting a very limited number of clients for the EminiLiveAlerts room. 
Don't miss this opportunity!
  Once the room is filled to capacity, as I expect it will be almost immediately, customers who want to join will be added to a waiting list for the next available opening.

To prove how well my alerts work, I thought it’d be best to give you a 2-day trial.  Now I really don’t want you to trade real money during this trial.  Just watch the alerts as they come across… take the trades on paper – and then at the end of the trial period add up your total points and you’ll see all the money you could’ve made.

"Worth Every Penny"

         If you have serious commitment in gaining a winning edge as a day trader, you need EminiLive where you'll become privy to my successful scalping strategies by following along as I call trades live.  You'll see that your subscription costs is worth many times over!

         Give me a chance, take me up on my 2-day trial offer and let me prove it to you...and I'll throw in a FREE bonus just for trying...

         If you want to see my 'live' e-mini alerts that are proven to be successful - and could be successful for YOU! - then start winning in the markets today!  The monthly rate is $297 and this is a steal for sitting next to a day trader watching and learning from his every move.  But, don't make a decision now!  Come watch Steve 'live' for two full days and then, and only then, decide if you want to stay on board.  The cost for a 2-day trial is only $19.95.

         Click the link below to find easy ways to order: 

         Ready to get started? Click here to subscribe now.

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See you on the "other side,"
Chief Trader Steve

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